Bike jargon!

Recently I asked a friend to proof-read a post I was writing here, and they made a great point – they had no idea what I was talking about in a lot of my cycling writing. What’s then needed is a list of terms and their explanations – a jargon page! This will likely be a work in progress as I go, but I’ll try and keep things in some logical order.

Cadence – The rate at which you pedal. Typically measured in rpm.  A cadence of 70-80 rpm is considered a good starting point when cycling – slower than that is hard on your knees and higher can make you look a little, well, overenthusiastic.

Derailleur – The most common method of changing gears, a derailleur makes a chain jump between gears.

Fork – The part of the bike at the front that your front wheel is attached to and turns with it.

Panniers – Bags designed to be carried on a bike, on pannier racks.

Stem – The connecting element between your fork and your handlebars – cycling would be incredibly difficult without either of those things so it’s pretty important.

Trail – The angle of the fork. A low trail would be a shallow angle, and a high trail is the opposite.