A Standby Screen


Yet again it’s been a while, and like my last post, the underlying theme is going to be technical issues. It’s no longer to do with the Peugeot, however; that old guy is up and running once more with some lovely new wheels I was able to match up. I even managed to take it out for the Liverpool skyride in August, my first mass ride with the roads closed for us!  It was really good fun, just a short ride at 4ish miles per lap, but it was a great experience and I’d like to go on more of those organised events in the future.




Things took a downturn almost straight away after this, though. A few days later I went out for an easy ride, and got the bonk within 20 minutes.  Put it down to not eating the right stuff beforehand at first and rested the next day, but I found I was feeling very tired and weak all the time, going so far as to be out of breath from walking up stairs.  Something clearly wasn’t right, and my gp sent me for a bunch of tests. Eventually it came back that I had a folic acid deficiency, and though not hugely serious it had been enough to, frankly, put me on my arse. The remedy was dietary rather than a prescription, so I doubled down on orange juice and started eating masses of bran flakes. After a week or so of this I started to feel myself again, but this had all been at the expense of my riding and particularly my bike tour, which I had to call off. It’s a shame because it’s going to be too late in the year to get another chance to do it, so it’s going to have to wait til 2017, but these things happen, no point in crying over spilt milk.

I would have written about this sooner, but just to rub salt in the wound my PC broke around the same time.  It’s still out of action sadly as we’ve just moved and I’ve not had any luck finding a pc repair guy around here. Consequently this is being written on my tablet, and that may be the case for some time.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Once I started to recover I took the Peugeot out on short, flat rides to build my stamina back up, starting small and build in up in miles.  Through doing this I managed to beat my new years resolution target and ride more than 1000 miles this year! Really happy with that and even had a little celebratory cafe stop on the day. The challenge now is to see just how much further I can ride before 2017.



I’m also planning on taking part in coffeeneuring again  this year.  Having moved house means New places to stop and have a drink, so it should be a good one! I’m also, if all goes to plan, going to be picking up another vintage bike to refurbish, with the aim being to have it ready for Eroica Brittania next summer.  Watch this space…


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