Crash Bang Wallop

I had an accident on my Peugeot, and it’s not a pretty one.

First off, I’m fine, no marks on me at all.  The bike, on the other hand, is a whole different story.

All of my recent mileage has been on my hybrid, the trekking bars and commuting being a pretty potent combo when it comes to racking up hours in the saddle.  On a sunny(ish) day off I found myself thinking about this, and how much I enjoy riding my road bike too, so I took it out for a little spin, only 5-6 miles.

About a mile away from home, at a roundabout, I start to pedal, hear a crunch, and my foot spins straight around with no resistance.  There’s a lot of grinding and scratching noises, but a roundabout isn’t a place to stop, so I coast to the side of the road and jump off, to see this:


The rear derailleur completely sheared off, span around with the chain and dragged itself through to the place you see it here.  My guess would be that it’s happened because I ‘cross-chained’ in a moment of improvisation, and the tension killed the mech.  I untangle things and start walking – there’s no way this bike is roadworthy after that.

I get home to find that the damage is worse than first thought.  The mech had managed to damage some spokes, and at a glance I’d thought it would simply be a case of taking the wheel down to the LBS and having them swap them out.  On further inspection, though, the spokes have torn through the rim of the wheel, rather than break, which means the rim is shot, too.  Looks like new wheel time, at a time I’m not sure I can afford to do that, really, especially as old stuff like this is hard to replace.  I’ll be sure to share it when I get the bike fixed up, but it may take a while, sadly.


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