Here we go again

A good two years since I finished up my last blog – link! – I’m writing again.  Things quite aren’t as exotic or adventurous as they used to be back when I was working abroad, which goes some way to explaining why my writing dried up.  That said, I’ve had a need to have some sort of online space to post various things, and not being very good at coming up with names I went with something pretty literal.

So what can you expect from this blog?  A bit of everything, really.  It’s probably going to be quite hobby-centric, mainly around my cycling and maybe a bit of wargaming, but there isn’t a set theme or any restrictions on posting.  My first ‘proper’ post is going to be my 2015 Coffeeneuring roundup.  It’s a multi-week cycling challenge based around visiting coffee shops – another thing I love – and it’s due to finish up in a week or so.  The blog post counts as your submission to the challenge and has to be done before the 25th, so let’s see how soon I get it in.



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